iPad mini 6 will enable full screen and Touch ID under the screen

There has been news before that Apple is about to update the iPad series product line, which includes a new generation of mini models, how much do you expect?


Now, some media have sent out the model of iPad mini 6 for the first time. Although it seems to be the same at first glance, Apple has indeed changed the design style, and may also include Touch ID under the screen.

According to the exposed model, the size of the iPad mini 6 will be 20.32×13.46×0.63 cm, the diagonal length of the screen is about 9.15 inches, and the corresponding screen is 7.9 inches.


If you look closely at the model, you can still see that the iPad mini 6 seems to have a full-screen design, the screen seems to be embedded with a Touch ID design, and the body is more rounded, and the previous news also shows that this new iPad may have the large-screen version, such as the 8.4-inch version.

Earlier news broke that the iPad mini 6 has an 8.4-inch display screen, A12X processor, retains the Touch ID Home button, and continues the Lightning interface.

As for whether the iPad mini 6 released by Apple will be like this, let us wait and see.