iPad OS 15 is very awesome, see if your iPad can be upgraded

iPad OS 15 is rarely mentioned, but I think iPad OS 15 has made many practical improvements.

1. The split-screen operation experience is improved

APP column frame + multi-task management control. Including: returning to the desktop to call other apps without affecting one of the apps, choosing to browse the page in the app bar, freely building a split-screen combination in the background.

2. Create Quick Note

Quick Note can generate guide links according to the current browsing content (including web pages and APPs), which is convenient for quick jump browsing.

3. Compile APP

iPad OS 15 will support APP compilation through Swipe UI, support real-time preview and be compatible with MacOS Xcode.

The developed APP can also be directly shared to the APP Store, creating a more convenient development environment for developers.

This time, the iPad OS 15 is compatible with a wider range of models, including all iPad Pro, iPad (eighth generation), iPad (seventh generation), iPad (sixth generation), iPad (fifth generation), iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4, iPad Air (fourth generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air 2.