iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Zoom test

We eagerly anticipated this Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13 confrontation since this phone face-off is the biggest one so far. After all, Samsung and Apple rule the smartphone world, and the winner of this showdown can often lay claim to the title of best phone overall.

The iPhone 13 continues to use 12MP cameras for both its wide and ultrawide lenses. The Galaxy S22 bumped up its main sensor to 50MP while the ultrawide angle camera has a wider field of view than previous Samsung models. More significantly, the Galaxy S22 now features a 3x optical zoom instead of the 3x hybrid zoom supported by the Galaxy S21. As the iPhone 13 lacks a telephoto lens, the Galaxy S22 enjoys a big advantage when it comes to cameras.
The iPhone tries mightily to keep up with the Galaxy S22 . But if you look closely at the shot, you can see some distortion and noise creeping into the image. The S22’s photos remains pretty sharp at 3x, to the point where you can still read the lettering on the Tribune Tower.


Samsung really focused on improving photos when light is less than optimal.
Once again, I prefer the Galaxy S22 photo shot with the camera’s ultrawide angle lens. It’s a brighter shot than what the iPhone 13 produced, at least when it comes to the blue tone of the sky. The Galaxy S22 gets the color reproduction a little bit more true-to-life here.

There are video features as well that I haven’t really explored, such as the Galaxy S22’s Auto Frame capability for tracking up to 10 people in any one shot. The iPhone 13 has an impressive feature of its own in Cinematic mode, where it can shift focus on the fly during video capture.