iPhone 13 will support low-orbit satellite communications, let the phone say goodbye to no signal

After the price is exposed, what are the hidden surprises of the iPhone 13?

Well-known analysts first revealed in the latest research report: iPhone 13 will support low-orbit satellite communications (LEO).

He said that the iPhone 13 will support low-orbit satellite communications on the hardware if Apple activates the software function. When iPhone 13 users are not covered by 4G or 5G, they can also make calls and send and receive messages via satellite.

In terms of cooperation, Globalstar is most likely to cooperate with Apple to provide satellite communications services. In addition, Musk SpaceX’s Starlink and China Satellite Communications are also worthy of investors’ attention.

It is reported that from the hardware level, the realization of the iPhone 13 satellite communication benefits from the customized X60 baseband, which is different from the current integrated baseband of Snapdragon 888, in particular by adding support for the Globalstar n53 frequency band. Other Android manufacturers need to wait until the X65 baseband is commercially available.

In fact, one of the main initiators of Globalstar includes Qualcomm. The space level consists of 48 satellites with an orbital height of 1414km plus 8 backup stars. The report pointed out that the satellite communication of iPhone 13 may be opened by operators. Globalstar’s partners include not only China Telecom but also Vodafone.