iPhone fans will go crazy! The icecream blue–new color of iPhone 13 is released!

This year, Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 13 series of mobile phones. In addition to the previously exposed super dreamy pink, now there is a pink “Ice Cream Blue” model!

Judging from the simulated rendering, this “Ice Cream Blue” color scheme will appear on flagship phones or general models.

But if you want to take the couple’s mobile phone, these two new exposure colors are most suitable together!


The highest capacity is 1TB, it is a crazy camera phone

In addition to the super beautiful color scheme, it is also reported that the iPhone 13 series will launch a mobile phone with a maximum capacity of 1TB, which is double the space of the original maximum capacity of 512GB!

Netizens want to take pictures crazy anytime in the future, don’t have to worry about not having enough capacity to delete photos all the time!