It is a more wiser choice for me to buy this Xiaomi alarm clock for CNY 149

I have been buying Xiaomi alarm clocks for a while. The price is very cheap at CNY149. It also has a built-in Xiaoai speaker. The electronic clock does have many advantages over mobile alarm clocks or traditional alarm clocks.

Of course, it’s not perfect, let’s share my experience


1. Put it on the table without taking up any space, it is more convenient to watch the time

2. Built-in Xiaoai speakers

It can interact with smart homes, one thing is dual purpose

3. Automatically broadcast weather forecast

When the alarm clock sounds, it will automatically broadcast the weather forecast for the day, and the ringtone is gradually getting bigger, which is quite intimate


1. Xiaoai speaker does not have the function of playing music

2. I cannot see the time of the alarm on the screen

3. Although the display brightness will be adjusted according to the ambient light, the lowest level is still a bit bright. Those who are afraid of light should pay attention to it!

4. The nap function can only be realized by saying “I want to sleep for another 5 minutes” through the Xiaoai speaker, and I am not sleepy anymore.