Is your iPhone battery life okay? Charging method without damage to the battery!

I believe that for Apple mobile phone users, the battery life consumption is really hard to figure out. Looking at a new mobile phone that has only been used for less than a month, the battery life has fallen by a few percentages. It is really distressing! But the mobile phone is just for use, the price is not cheap, it is impossible to put it as an ancestor for the ancestor, right? Next, I will share with you a few charging methods that do not damage the phone, which will help to extend the battery life.


Remove the phone case when charging, don’t play games while charging

This is still a controversial matter. After all, the current battery principle is similar to that of a computer in some studies. It can be directly powered by the power source while charging, which is to protect the battery. In fact, there is no problem with normal use, but when you play games, the battery consumes a lot, and the phone will get hot after playing for a long time, and the best temperature for iPhone running is between 0-35 degrees. It can be seen that heat will still affect battery life. The latest iPhone12 also supports fast charging, and it will also generate heat when charging, so it is recommended by Apple to remove the heavy phone case first and then charge it.


Recharge as you use it, try not to recharge overnight

Some data show that partial charging can protect battery life better than full charging. How can you see it? To take an example of daily life as a metaphor, it’s like eating small and frequent meals is more beneficial to the body and mind than one-time binge eating, right? The mobile phone has been maintained between 40% and 80%, and it is the best state to use and charge.


Set to automatically turn on low battery mode

You can choose to add the operation Set Low Battery Mode when the battery power is 50% or less in the battery power, then when the power is 50% or less, the low power mode will automatically turn on, which helps to slow down the power speed of decent.

Open optimized battery

The battery optimization feature has been added since iOS 13. This feature allows your phone to adapt and learn your charging habits. After all, some people are accustomed to letting their mobile phones charge overnight, and they can use a fully charged mobile phone the next morning. If the battery optimization function is turned on, the mobile phone can automatically slow down the charging speed after reaching 80%, and the battery will be fully charged to 100% when it is almost the time when you are used to using the mobile phone in the morning.

20210616_16238238011501_mobile Mobile phones can be regarded as consumables, and battery intolerance is inevitable after a long time. Since the battery life cannot be guaranteed to be good, please pay more attention and try not to do things that may damage the battery.