It is the fairy bedroom of my dreams, beautiful and gentle, setting list attached

As a home blogger, my usual hobby is to set up soft decorations. Different collocations with different light and shadows often produce completely different feelings. Sometimes you can’t often change the large furniture at home, such as beds and wardrobes, so you might as well try to change it from soft decorations.

Here are a few setting lists.


Stroller: Bencross

Lamp: Bee Home

Candlestick: Zara Home

Four-piece suit: Dreamorigins


Bedside table: IKEA 

Lamp: IKEA

Aromatherapy: Paddy Wax

Four-piece suit: Sangluo


Bedside table: Ziinlife

Painting: IKEA

Vase: FlowerPlus


Pallet: Grocery Store No. 48

Cup: Anna at 16 o’clock

Carpet: Wovon


Decorative painting: IKEA

Four-piece suit: Venus Home Textiles


Cup: JZ Home 

Vase: JZ Home 


Storage box: Bencross

Pot: Seletti

Aromatherapy: Cosmic Speculation