It’s too late to know that! AirPods Pro Bluetooth earphone using skills

iPhone must have iOS 13.2 so that you can pair the phone with the headset and use all the functions

1 Noise reduction function

Settings-Bluetooth-click i next to your device, noise control, you can choose noise reduction or off or transparent mode

The difference is that noise reduction = deafness (forgive me for saying that is easy to understand), turn off = turn off active noise reduction (the effect of passive noise reduction is still there, blocking the ears is passive noise reduction), transparent mode = simulates not wearing headphones Effect. From the size of the sound that can be heard, transparent mode>off>noise reduction

2 Check the battery level in real time

Swipe the phone to the right with your finger, slide down to find the battery, you can find it. If you don’t see the battery page, scroll to the bottom, click “Edit”, and add the “Battery” widget.

3 Function control

There is a force sensor at the end of the earphone, press 1 to pause, play, and answer the call

Press 2 is the next song

Press 3 to skip back to the previous song

Long press to switch between active noise reduction and transparency mode

4 How to use Siri

Can be used to play music, lower or increase music, or find your device.

For example, if your earphones are lost nearby and you can’t find them, you can say “Hey, Siri, find my AirPods pro”. After you find them, Siri will remind you to play a sound to the earphones.

But the sound is very small, so you need to listen carefully.

5 Change the name of the earphone

Settings-Bluetooth-click i next to your device, you can change the name there

6 Downwind ear function

In Settings-Control Center-add “Hearing” function, on the upper right of the screen, pull down the menu, click “👂”, click to open.

You can turn on the microphone radio function, and put your mobile phone at home, and you can listen to the sound at home from the outside.

7 Equalizer

Click Settings-Music-Equalizer, you can adjust the music style, classical, jazz, pop can be selected.

There is also a volume limit, and the volume balance can be set.