Just two simple steps to make dumplings gorgeous

I don’t know how other people’s houses are. In my house, dumplings are really frequent customers in the refrigerator. Sometimes I get off work late and I don’t have time to buy vegetables, so I cook a bowl of dumplings to satisfy my hunger. Sometimes it’s late in the morning, and I cook a few dumplings to control the moisture, and pack them in food bags to eat in the office.


In most cases, I make the noodles and mix the fillings by myself on weekends, pack them and freeze them in the refrigerator, and pack whatever fillings I want, and the dumplings I make are more delicious to me.


Occasionally, when the time is too late, the family members want to eat dumplings, so they do it in different ways. Such as omelet dumplings, fried dumplings with ice flower. Especially Binghua fried dumplings, children love it so much. Every time they make them, they watch and see how Binghua fried dumplings are made. In her opinion, the ice flowers of Binghua fried dumplings are really like the ice flowers on the window in winter. And it’s crispy and delicious.


In fact, Binghua fried dumplings are not difficult at all. Only need two steps of “one frying and two boiling”. However, the key ratio of the ice-flower fried dumplings should be kept in mind. The dumplings are fried until they are 80 or 90 minutes cooked and poured into the batter. The ratio of the batter must be correct. The ratio I usually use is water: flour=12:1, novice You can start with the ratio of water: flour = 10:1.

I just made Binghua fried dumplings this morning.

Binghua fried dumplings:

14 frozen dumplings, less edible oil, moderate water, and a little flour.


1. Make the ice flower batter first, and adjust the batter according to the ratio of water: flour=1:12.

2. Brush a layer of cooking oil on the non-stick pan. Frozen dumplings do not need to be thawed. Put them into the non-stick pan and fry the dumplings until they are 80 to 90 minutes cooked.

3. Stir the batter again, pour it into the pot against the side of the pot, simmer for two to three minutes with the lid on the low heat.

4. The ice flower can be out of the pot when it turns yellow. Before the ice flower is shaped, it is best not to turn the dumplings, so as not to affect the appearance of the finished product.


It’s really beautiful and delicious. The child said it was like art.


You can also use cooked dumplings. Cook or steam the dumplings in advance, then put them in a non-stick pan, pour the batter directly, cover and simmer for two to three minutes.

Be sure to keep in mind the ratio of ice flower batter to ensure it will not fail. Try it now~ If you have any questions, you can leave a message, everyone can learn from each other and get fat together~