K50 universe is going to increase prices! Redmi K50 high-end version exposure: 2K flexible screen + Dimensity 9000

A few days ago, Lu Weibing has officially announced the first flagship model of the Redmi K50 universe, and announced that it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 processor, equipped with ultra-high specifications of heat dissipation and fast charging, and is a model with full performance.

According to relevant news, this should be the Redmi K50 e-sports version that has already been connected to the domestic network before and currently has three certificates. It is a model that focuses on gaming experience and top performance. Slightly regretful.

As for the more balanced Redmi K50 positive generation iterative model, it will debut later in the year.

It is worth noting that, according to the current various news systems, the K50 series will have a version that impacts high-end prices. In addition to the performance of the previous strengths, it will also bring higher specifications in terms of screens and images. .


At noon today, the well-known blogger brought the latest news about the machine. He posted: “A 2K Samsung flexible screen + Dimensity 9000+50MP outsole multi-camera, the others are not counted. The peripherals such as fast charging and X-axis motors are very popular, and high-end prices are also okay.”

Combined with previous news, this model should represent the high-end price version of the K50 universe.

From the point of view of specifications, the specifications of the 2K flexible screen + 50 million pixel outsole main camera are enough to be called high-end flagships.


The only controversial point is the choice of Dimensity 9000 chip. Although MediaTek performed very well on the hardware parameters this time, the effect after the hand is actually a question mark.

In the end, whether the K50 universe can successfully hit the high-price segment depends on the performance of the Dimensity 9000.