Lastest exposure of iOS15, let’s see what would be the surprises

Apple releases a new iOS system almost every year, and also releases a new machine once a year. Since 2007, it has released more than a dozen models and more than a dozen iOS systems. And iOS15 will meet with you this year. The release of iOS15 may partly restore those customers who are disappointed with iPhone12 users. Let’s take a look at what features may exist in iOS15!

Interactive upgrade

The desktop widgets will be displayed in a dynamic mode so that the widgets can interact with each other. In this way, many quick operations can be implemented on the desktop, such as quickly switching songs and programs, quickly accounting or recording items, and quickly calling up payment QR codes, health codes, and ride codes. This can save a lot of time, and you can use the important functions of the APP without opening it.


Does it seem familiar? In fact, this is largely an evolution of the shortcuts used in the past.

A new experience in the control center

The control center is used by many people, but it will be redesigned almost every year, and this time the control center of iOS15 may like macOS so that the control center of Apple’s ecology will be more coordinated and unified, and more beautiful. Moreover, the modules in the control center can be arbitrarily transferred and combined freely. The modularization will be more obvious and the logical classification will be better.


Screen sharing

In fact, many people don’t understand what this feature does. It’s actually like screencasting, but this time it’s an Apple mobile phone that is projected to an iPhone, which means I can share my screen with my partner’s iPhone. The function is very useful. For example, at work, I can directly share the ppt on my mobile phone and show it to everyone, or show mom and dad to operate the iPhone function, and I can help them operate through my mobile phone. Just like remote control on a computer.


Enhanced privacy protection

It can be seen in iOS 14.5 that the iPhone protects user privacy is pretty in place, and this excellent tradition will be carried forward even more in the future iOS system. iOS15 has inevitably strengthened privacy protection. In iOS15, Apple may add a privacy menu. This menu will be like the cellular mobile network column in the iPhone, telling users which apps are collecting which data from you, and you can turn off the collection behavior of these apps in this privacy menu.


However, iOS15 does not support iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which means that Apple has begun to gradually abandon the iPhone 6s series models. You must know that Apple’s basic disk is still on the iPhone 6s. At present, there are about 200 million people holding iPhone 6s series models. Although it may be used as a backup machine, it is undeniable that after the release of Apple’s iOS15, it is a challenge for iPhone 6s.