LEVEL8 trunk, Front opening box experience

Luggage is one of the main tools for our daily travel and tourism to place daily necessities. Its sales and universality are enough to illustrate its advantages, but this does not mean that the luggage is perfect, because most luggage on the market still exists A major flaw-it is difficult to take the item midway.


Under normal circumstances, the process of picking up items from the suitcase should be to first put the suitcase down, then open the box to take the items inside; after taking the items, close the trolley suitcase and lift it up. The process is very cumbersome. If you encounter a little friend of Houthi Haizhuang, it is not a cumbersome process, but another tragedy.


Of course, there must be a small partner who said that “fetching something halfway” is a small probability event, but this is not the case for business people. Business trips often require online work, and it is commonplace to get a laptop anytime, anywhere. In order to solve this industry problem, Horizon 8 recently launched a front-opening check-in case, which realizes “one-key opening for ten seconds to fetch items”, and fundamentally solves the problem of difficulty in fetching items in the luggage compartment. As the first batch of internal beta users, I started with one as soon as the retail version was launched. After the actual experience during this period, I will share with you one or two.

Unpacking and drying: the value of the face is still online

Horizon 8 is a brand that we don’t need to explain anymore. It is well-known in China because of Mr. Luo, but Horizon 8 was already well-known overseas. It was established in 2008 and is famous in the United States. Bag brand. Starting from the first Horizon 8 suitcase in 2018, I have experienced 4 Horizon 8 suitcases so far, and I can be regarded as an experienced user.


Back to this Horizon 8 front-opening cabin, the packaging is still classic corrugated paper, and there is only one brand logo on the front, which is very simple. Judging from the experience of many types of Horizon 8 suitcases, corrugated paper can play a very good protective role. At least so far I have not received any suitcases with damaged packaging.


The basic information of the product is printed on one side of the package. For example, the full name of the product is Horizon 8 front opening cabin, the color is gray (in fact, there is also interstellar blue color), and the package size is 37*23.5*57.5cm, which can be roughly based on the package size It can be seen that this is a 20-inch suitcase.


Open the package is still the classic white dust bag, except for the Horizon 8 suitcase, the most commonly seen is still in the other half of the “bags”. I personally feel that this white dust bag design is a very easy way. On the one hand, it allows users to fully enjoy the ritual of opening the box, and at the same time, they can get something higher than expected at the psychological level; on the other hand, the cost of this design is not It will be too high to kill two birds with one stone.


The Horizon 8 front-opening cabin has made some minor changes in appearance design. First of all, it shows us a tough business style with clear lines. However, the positive and negative parts of the front and back are all done with a larger curved surface transition, and there is a strange and honesty in the toughness, which looks more pleasing.


In terms of material, PC is still used, and the surface of the entire PC material is matte matte. On the one hand, it enhances the visual texture, and on the other hand, it can cover up small scratches caused by long-term use of the cabinet. In fact, I personally doubted this color scheme before I received the Horizon 8 before opening the box, but I was surprised to see this “temperament gray”. It was not as gray as I imagined. There is some silver and the overall texture is very good.


As a 20-inch suitcase, the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin is lighter to handle. Boys can pick it up with just one finger. Girlfriends will never complain without loading anything. Of course, this is also due to the PC material. The three-dimensional size is 37*23.5*55cm, and its own weight is less than 4Kg.


In the details, the front of the suitcase is only inlaid with a metal brand logo nameplate, and there are no other elements. The only “decoration” is a circle of concave lines. The reason why double quotation marks are used for decoration is that this concave line is essentially the stitching seam of the front opening.


The top of the box is designed with a handle and a pull rod. The handle part is designed to be close to the box body. There are slide rails at both ends of the handle, so you can get enough grasp space by pushing upwards. This kind of design is visually more integrated, and it can be silent in terms of function. It seems to be a small design, but it is especially important for people who often get home in the middle of the night. After all, you don’t want to get home late at night because you don’t want to put down your suitcase. And wake up the family.


The pull rod part (aluminum-magnesium alloy material) adopts 4 levels of height adjustment (two-section design), the longest is about 51cm higher than the box body, and the height of the box itself is 55cm, which fully meets the needs of adults. In terms of the stability of the tie rod, the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin strictly follows the original promise of Luo: shaking is strictly controlled within 1cm, and the tie rod life is more than 12,000 times. In actual use, we can hardly feel the shaking of the tie rod, although The lever will shake with the use of time, but the current results are enough to satisfy me.

The buttons on the pull rod are recessed, which can effectively prevent accidental touches. This is still more humane. In fact, there is a small small program code hidden in the lever part. When it comes to this, I have to mention the online box search service of Horizon 8.

There is a product label attached to the top handle. In addition to the basic product information, there is also a box binding code. After the box is received, it is recommended that you scan the code and bind it, which means that the box is bound to your personal. When someone picks up your suitcase by mistake at the airport, you can quickly contact you by scanning the code, which can be said to be an online luggage tag.


In addition to the handle and the lever, there is actually a TSA combination lock on the top, which is also designed and manufactured by an official authorized company of the US Transportation Bureau. The material of the lock body is still aluminum-magnesium alloy. But it should be noted that this TSA combination lock has two opening directions. Push it to the left to pop up two pull chains, and push it to the right to unlock the front cover with one key.


There is a hidden USB interface at the left end of the TSA code lock, which means that we can directly plug the data cable into the USB to charge digital products when traveling. But there is also a small regret here. The USB interface accessory does not have any buttons or indicators. It is still difficult to judge the internal power situation from here alone.


Wheels are very important to a suitcase, and many people even judge the quality of a suitcase based on the quality of the wheels. The Horizon 8 front opening cabin also uses four sets of silent universal wheels (about 5cm in diameter), each wheel set is designed with high-precision bimetallic bearings and can withstand a service life of more than 45 kilometers. Smooth and smooth is not good, the surface of the universal wheel is also covered with high resilience TPE rubber material, which can achieve a silent effect when pulled.

As with all Horizon No. 8 suitcases, the four sets of silent casters are printed with the iconic “8” icon, which can be recognized at a glance even in the many suitcases on the airport luggage carousel.

When I came to the back side of the box, I was surprised that the design of the feet made of silicone material was cancelled. In fact, this cancellation is reasonable, because the Horizon 8 front-opening boarding box was born in a vertical position. Of course, if you force it directly on the ground, it is still very likely to scratch the PC material on the back.


Open the box, the internal structure is clear, and the partition design is adopted. The left side is a fully enclosed storage space separated by a polyester fiber mesh bag, and the right side is an open space fixed by a strap.


Open the net pocket compartment on the left, and you will find that the depth on the left is shallow. The main reason is to reserve a certain amount of space for the front cover, so in practice, always use the left side to avoid hustle sea clothing, so as not to open the front cover. Items “surge” out.


Although there is no zipper design on the outside of the box, there are many zippers inside, but after confirmation, every zipper is from YKK, so the quality is guaranteed.


Regarding space, the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin is nominally 20 inches and has a total capacity of 39L. But compared to the normal 20 inches, the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin has to reserve a certain amount of space for the front cover, so the actual internal space is smaller, so the overall is more suitable for short-distance business travelers.

Front opening: one key to open, ten seconds to fetch


The opening method of the front cover of the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin has been fully explained in the previous article. You only need to push the code lock to the right to eject it with one key. The front cover and the box body have a fabric sandwich design at the bottom position, so by default, the opening angle of the front cover of the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin is about 40°, which can easily pick up items without letting them fall , Very considerate.


Of course, the cloth interlayer is a detachable zipper, which is very convenient if you want to fully open the front cover. This kind of large-angle opening and closing is mainly used for storage, which is almost never done during the journey.



The internal space structure of the front cover is very reasonable. The innermost part is a 15-inch computer protection compartment. In order to ensure that the computer can lie firmly in the protection compartment, there is a leather strap at the opening. “LEVEL8” is also embossed on the leather strap. Further outside are the power bank storage bags and small storage bags.



The reason why we need to reserve a storage bag for charging treasure separately, here we have to go back to the USB charging port reserved on the top of the box mentioned above. The front opening of the Horizon 8 boarding box itself does not have a mobile power supply, but only in the front. A power cord is reserved for external mobile power supply in the internal test of the cover. Then the problem is coming. The power cord attached to the box is relatively thin. I believe it will become the shortest board for some fast charging.

The front cover is also very simple to close, and it can be closed by pushing it inward with one hand.

Summary: essential for business travel


As a 20-inch suitcase, whether it is packaging, trolleys, universal wheels or internal space layout, the Horizon 8 front opening cabin fully continues the classic design of the past. In response to the industry problem that it is difficult to retrieve items in the luggage compartment, the Horizon 8 front-opening cabin has a specially designed front opening, which can quickly take out small items for high-frequency use, and adds a USB charging design, which is very suitable for high-frequency Business travelers.