Lightweight control, DAREU A960 gaming mouse experience

Most people who travel a lot will carry a notebook with them, so that they can deal with problems at work at any time, and they will relax by playing games after work. Although the notebook is equipped with a wireless mouse, it can still handle files during work, but there will be delays in the game, and the feel is not satisfactory. Recently I started with the Daryou A960 Storm gaming mouse, which is not only lightweight, but also sensitive and fast. Let’s take a look at what kind of experience it has. 

1. Out of the box appearance


The packaging of the DAREU A960 Storm gaming mouse adopts the usual design style of the previous mouse. The common mouse rendering on the front, the corresponding brand logo and model beside it, the main function introduction on the back, and the bilingual explanation in both Chinese and English.


DAREU A960 is available in black and yellow models. This time I started with the yellow model, which is more eye-catching than the black commonly used mouse and can be matched with a cool mechanical gaming keyboard. In addition to the different color schemes, the surface of the shell and the light strip are also different. The black shell has a UV coating and RGB light strips on both sides of the mouse have a good visual effect.


The DAREU A960 feels super light in the hand, weighing only 65g, which is lighter than the lightweight mice on the market. The static friction and inertia generated during the operation are smaller, and the skills can be activated faster in the game, and it will not cause a burden on the wrist after long-term use.


The shape of DAREU A960 adopts an innovative inner frame design, which is in line with the shape of human hands and usage habits. The surface is treated with multi-layer paint to adhere to the fine graininess, which increases wear resistance and pressure resistance. The length of the fuselage is just right, and it can be fully fitted to the palm of the hand when held, and there is no miss, but the light strips on both sides are cancelled, and there is no cool feeling.


DAREU A960 uses a classic 6-button design. The two main buttons are in the same color as the body, and the rest of the buttons are in purple, which adds a lot to the mouse. The left and right main keys are lightly struck, there is no empty keystroke, and the mouse will not vibrate when the keys are struck.


The brand logo is printed on the grip, and the roller is designed with non-slip lines, which can be swiped back and forth and clicked, and there will be a slight sound when rolling. There is a soybean-sized button in the middle. This is the DPI adjustment button, which can adjust the different sliding speeds of the mouse.


At the bottom, there is an optical sensor in the middle, with many circular line decorations around it, and three plastic foot pads, which can increase the durability of the mouse and maintain the smoothness of the mouse when it slides.


The wire of DAREU A960 is quite soft, has low bending resistance, and can be moved and wound more conveniently. It adopts a braided design to improve the durability of the wire. The wire length is 1.8 meters. , There is also a cable management belt, which is convenient to retract and control the length of the wire.

2. Use experience


The DAREU A960 Storm gaming mouse adopts a right-handed ergonomic design, getting rid of the traditional right-handed mouse’s left-high and right-low restrictions, and combines the advantages of a pure right-handed mouse and a symmetrical mouse, making right-handed control more comfortable and stable. The side keys are located above the thumb to avoid accidental touch and are also convenient for office use. It is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The overall size is just right, and both male and female hands fit better.

DAREU A960 does not need to install a driver, it can be used after connecting to a computer, but many custom functions can not be used, you need to download and install the corresponding driver to set its functions. Equipped with PMW3389 optical engine, it can quickly lock the target and capture every subtle operation. It is equipped with 6 programmable buttons, which can set macro definitions according to your own habits, making it easier to play in the game.


DAREU A960 has a maximum of 16000DPI, which can be adjusted by clicking the DPI button. The default settings are 800DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI, 6400DPI and 16000DPI five gears. You can also customize the settings by driving to adjust each gear to suit your own DPI, which is very flexible. .


The buttons of DAREU A960 are moderately hard and soft, and the button sounds are very crisp, which can give people very clear feedback. The operation is in place in one step, and you will not feel discomfort when you click your finger for a long time. After several games of experience, the ultra-lightweight weight does not cause a burden on the wrist during long-term use, and the button response speed is more accurate, and frequent mouse movements are easy and natural.