LINE version updated! You can store multiple photos in the chat room with one click!

Everyone usually finds it when using LINE to upload photos that if you want to download multiple photos at once, creating a photo album in a chat room is the best choice. However, recently the LINE mobile version ushered in the 11.9.0 version update. After the update, you can also save the photos received in the chat room with one click!


In the past, if we received a large number of photos in chat rooms or groups, we could only store them one by one slowly. Now, regardless of iOS or Android users, after updating LINE to version 11.9.0 and version 11.9.1, you can store multiple photos at once in the chat room.

After the update, just click the photo, and then click “Save” at the bottom right, you can choose to save all photos or just this photo.


If you want to share photos with other friends in real-time, you can also click “Share” directly below this page to quickly share all photos to other chat rooms at once.


I think this function is quite practical. You can directly store the photos received in the chat room without creating an album. Whether you need to store a large number of photos at work or share photos with friends privately, it will be faster and more convenient, I am very satisfied.