Live Vlog is indispensable: MOMAX live broadcast light set

As major platforms are digging for civilian video creators, in this day when full-scale live broadcasting has become a trend, many people choose to try to open a live broadcast and shoot a story. Maybe you will be the celebrity one day. From the experience of my little self-media in the past two years, although the hardware device can start broadcasting as long as a mobile phone connected to the Internet is available, good lighting is also necessary if the picture quality is different.

What I want to introduce today is a set of fill light kits, which combines daily live broadcast, lighting, and rendering atmosphere. Whether it is daily live broadcast or Vlog recording, it takes care of both-MOMAX Momis live fill light tripod kit.


I chose the suit, if you don’t need a tripod, you can also fill the light separately. In order to be more convenient in the follow-up, I will call it MOMAX light kit for short.

Introduction to unpacking:

The MOMAX fill light set is divided into two packages, but on the package, there are many social platform elements, such as likes, love, emoticons, etc., which are also in line with its product attributes. Although there is not a single Chinese on the package, it is not difficult to see what is inside under the huge thumbnail. Of course, it would be better if you can add some Chinese typesetting in a targeted manner.


The fill light package contains a ring fill light, a mobile phone clip, and a USB remote control. The remote control and the light are integrated and cannot be removed. However, the wire is relatively long, and the use scene is relatively fixed, so the operation will not cause inconvenience.


Another package is a tripod, two foldable 360° rotating mobile phone holders.


The tripod supports three sections and can be adjusted to a height of 1.9m, and the top is a standard 1/4 interface. This will open the limit of its lamp holder. Even if it is not used to install a tripod, it is usually used to put the camera, Other devices such as microphones are also fine.


The tripod is made of cemented carbide, and the tripod is also made of connecting rods to strengthen the stability, and the maximum load is 7kg. What I like very much is its storage design, which is only 56.6cm long after storage. Recently, when I have a need to go out, I usually take it out. The push-and-pop storage method used by the tripod is also very novel, coupled with the pivoting shaft lock and the rotation safety lock, it also ensures that it is stable after storage.


Installation and use:

The installation and assembly process of the MOMAX supplement light kit is very convenient. After unfolding the tripod and adjusting it to a suitable height, install the supplement light and place the mobile phone. I won’t introduce too much here. In short, it is very simple. Next, I will introduce some of the design points and function points that I prefer, as well as some areas that I feel need to be improved during use.


Some things I think are good:

1. Low voltage power supply, power bank can also be emergency

Although the MOMAX fill light kit has high brightness, it does not have high requirements for the power supply. The maximum power is only 10W, and the input only needs to reach 5V. And its interface is a USB interface, that is to say in daily use, when the interface is tight, it can be topped with a power bank.


2. Convenient remote control operation

MOMAX fill light kit supports switching between color temperature mode and RGB lighting mode. It has multi-level dimming and various color modes to choose from, and all these operations rely on this remote control, 4 buttons, two indicator lights, simple operation, easy to use.


3. In addition to regular fill light, there are many RGB colorful modes

The MOMAX fill light kit has three different color temperature modes: cold white light, warm white light, and warm yellow light. In each mode, 9 levels of brightness can be adjusted separately. Under unused brightness and color temperature, the performance of skin color is different. The following is my skin look and feel from no light environment to switching on the color temperature mode to switch three different color temperature modes. You can feel it.


In the contrast between light and no light, this gap is even more obvious. I believe that if you usually follow some indoor photography tutorials, you will be able to understand the importance of lighting.


This large 12-inch LED ring fill light is perfect for live broadcasts. At a normal distance, it can cover the entire outline, and the presence of the ring light will make your eyes look better.


In the RGB mode, there are as many as 5 lighting modes: monochrome, cycle flash, strobe, fade in and fade out, and auto. For example, strobe can simulate the lighting of Hall D, which is useful for shooting dance videos; monochrome or other The mode can render the atmosphere, and some people who shoot cross-dressing videos like knives are more suitable; like those backlit halo portraits on a certain sound.


It can be like me. I will choose the background light for daily video shooting, but because the power is not high enough, it is a bit difficult to dye the entire background. Daily knowledge is used to hit the background of a certain corner. Its dyeing effect is more suitable for performance under the front lens distance. In short, its rich RGB lighting modes can give you enough surprises with a little use.


4. Multi-camera design, taking into account the simultaneous launch of multiple platforms

For some creators who do live broadcast, they often do not do it on the same platform. At this time, multiple cameras are needed to start broadcasting at the same time. The MOMAX supplement light kit supports up to three mobile phones to start broadcasting at the same time. The ring light is placed in the middle of the ring light through a 360-degree mobile phone clip of the accessory type, and various angles can be adjusted at will.


Two foldable mobile phone clips are also expanded through the bracket on both sides, which can be folded and stored at any time when not in daily use. If you just need 3 devices to start broadcasting at the same time, this combination is definitely very good. If you don’t have so many platforms, you can also use your mobile phone to prompt you, or use another account to see if your radio is stuck or not.


Some areas worthy of improvement:

After talking about the advantages, let me talk about some of the inconveniences when I use it.

1. First of all, the tilt angle of the fill light cannot be adjusted. Of course, the MOMAX fill light set is more for positioning the live broadcast scene, and this kind of face-to-face use is actually not necessary. But when I personally use it as an atmosphere light, I hope to have a lighting aid for the plane. Or it is not very convenient to use in the bottom-up outline light scene.

But then I bought a magic hand and installed it between the bracket and the lamp, and now it can adjust the pitch angle at will.



2. Secondly, there is no storage bag, which limits its use scene to a certain extent and can only be fixed in a certain place. But now some bloggers also have the need to go out to live broadcast. Going out is not necessarily outdoors, they may be attending conferences or the like. There is no storage bag, which is relatively inconvenient to carry. If you can design a storage device, it might be better.


Final summary:

A good lighting environment is too important for the creation of video content (including live broadcast). This is obvious when you look at the comparison between my early works and current works. Giving a correct exposure value will make the picture more comfortable. The MOMAX fill light kit is not only used for live broadcast, daily VLog, short video production, as long as you are willing to perform in front of the camera, then it can help you.

Its three-color temperature mode and multi-level brightness adjustment can provide correct exposure no matter what the light environment; a variety of RGB equivalents can also meet your creative needs during video production.