Marsace tripod is a light-travel essential for photographers!

As a senior photography enthusiast, a good tripod is truly important. Only when it is stable can I have a chance to take clearer photos.


The Marsace TX-15 tripod in my hand supports the function of inverting the bottom bracket. It is very steady and can be adjusted to any angle you want!


The TX-15 uses a carbon fiber body design, which makes it more advantageous in terms of weight. Compared with a tripod that uses ordinary aluminum alloy as the body material, it has a lighter weight of 884g.


In terms of shrinkage length, it can reach 39.9cm. As for the collapsed diameter, it is 83mm. This shrinkage length and shrinkage diameter can also allow users to easily pack it into their backpack or hang it on the side of the camera backpack when going outside. 


Another highlight of the TX-15 this time is its gimbal. This time TX-15 uses a non-detachable enlarged version of 98K gimbal, which provides a panoramic function and makes it more convenient for users to use.

I have to say, the light weight is really amazing!