Old tech giant will be back! Nokia will launch 3 new phones and 1 new tablet very soon

There is a famous leaker claims to confirm recent rumors of Nokia’s plan to break into the tablet market soon. The tipster asserts that this putative T20 is one of the HMD Global brand’s next four upcoming products. The famous leaker also now notes that each one has its own code-name: for example, the alleged slate is also apparently called the Riddler.

Nokia is typically not associated with tablets; whereas, a reasonably convincing new leak links it to the imminent launch of the T20, a 10.4-inch slate that might fit into the ~US$265 tier of this market.

At present, this rumor has been lent extra weight thanks to a new tweet specifically mentioning this product name in relation to the HMD Global-owned brand’s immediate plans.


According to the leaker, the T20 might launch in a vague window that accommodates 3 additional devices: the G50, G300 and X100. Going by recent shake-ups in the OEM’s device nomeclature, all of these are most likely smartphones: for example, it does look like the first 2 might be higher-end answers to the existing G20.

The X100, on the other hand, might relate to the X10 and 20 in a similar way. Eventually, the leaker now purports to reveal a code-name for each “new Nokia”, some of which seem once again to be graphic novel-inspired.

To this end, the T20 is also apparently to be referred to as the “Riddler”, whereas the putative G50 is the “Punisher”. The “Nokia G300”, on the other hand, is the “Aoki”, whereas the allegedly X100 is the “Deadmau5”.