Once Popular, Now These 5 Platforms Have Been Forgotten

Hey, who’s used to make e-mails using Yahoo, who’s been a Friendster user or likes to search for information in the browser? Do you realize that the platform is rarely seen or even disappeared?

As technology becomes more sophisticated, many people compete to innovate on social networking platforms or applications. This competition often makes other platforms that are not able to compete must be willing to be eliminated and begin to be forgotten. Like these 5 platforms that have begun to be forgotten:

1. Opera Mini


Before the Play Store, Opera Mini was one of the mobile web browsers that could download platforms or applications that were popular at that time. But unfortunately today many smartphones use the Play Store to make it easier for users to download.

2. Yahoo


When I was in school, I was first asked to make an e-mail from Yahoo (Yahoo Mail). Aneemoticons are really old-Wakaka at that time Yahoo was so popular and widely used to create e-mail. But unfortunately at this time, Yahoo began to be sidelined by Google (Gmail). Many people are more interested in creating e-mail using Gmail than Yahoo.

3. UC Browser


Uc Browser is also one of the web browsers that are intended for smartphones. Not only as a search engine, but Uc Browser is also a place for authors to express their creations and imaginations. But unfortunately, Uc Browser has died in 2020. It’s a pity emoticon.

4. Path


Hey, who used to use Path before? The Path is an application for sharing pictures and messages, but unfortunately, this application has been closed. Its use is almost the same as other social media, but here we can be creative by creating designs with interesting features.

5. Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging application provided by Yahoo! ID. The benefits are almost the same as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. But unfortunately, because many people have used the instant application, Yahoo Messenger was finally officially closed in 2018.