One Step Closer to the NBA Player Treatment-the Fascia Gun

Fascia gun is one of the most popular digital products online and offline in the last two years. Many NBA players use fascia guns to massage their bodies.

Hyperice is the company that provides fascia guns to the NBA players. Let’s check out the standard Hypervolt Fascia Gun and the Hypervolt GO today.


The Hypervolt GO has only two massage heads, a flat head and a cylindrical head. The standard Hypervolt comes with five massage heads, minus the U-shaped head, ball head and buffer head


However, it is important to note that the Hypervolt and Hypervolt GO guns are universal!


The Hypervolt is black and white, while the Hypervolt GO is mostly black.


The Hypervolt weighs about 1,500 grams and the Hypervolt GO weighs about 680 grams, which is a lot less of weight.

Hypervolt has three gears of 1800rpm / 2400rpm /3200 RPM, and Hypervolt GO has three gears of 2200 RPM / 2750rpm /3200 RPM, respectively. The reason for the rise of the first gear should be the improvement of motor technology. At the same time, although the power of Hypervolt GO is reduced by 20W, the impact force is still sufficient, and even if the Hypervolt Goes under deep pressure, there will be no obvious delay or deceleration.

In terms of battery life, the Hypervolt lasts for about two hours on a single charge. Although the volume of Hypervolt GO is much smaller, the battery life still lasts for about two hours, which is a change brought by technological innovation.

The Hypervolt has a switch on the bottom and a toggle button on the back, both are protrude buttons.There is no obvious button on the body of Hypervolt GO. The turn on key is in the middle of the handle, which is integrated with the handle. When using the Hypervolt GO, long press is required to open it and then gently press it again to switch between gears.

The parameters and interface details of the Hypervolt and Hypervolt GO bottom charging ports are different, in other words, the two chargers should not be mixed using.


Also, the Hypervolt’s battery is detachable, and the Hypervolt GO’s battery is integral and non-detachable.

The baskerball lovers can try to buy one to massage the sour knee and ankle, to have the same treatment like the NBAplayers.