OPPO A54 5G: The best budget 5G smartphone with great performance!

When it comes to the distribution of 5G, smartphone manufacturers have been much faster than network operators. Accordingly, the Oppo A54 5G is another affordable phone that features the latest mobile standard.

Regarding the price of approximately 270 Euros, the Oppo A54 5G not only offers the latest 5G mobile standard and two case colors, but it’s also equipped with a 90 Hz panel.

Not only is it bright enough to be able to display screen content legibly outdoors, but it also covers the sRGB color space almost completely. In return, the contrast ratio of 778:1 is quite low, and the black level of 0.64 cd/m² is also considerably high.

As for the camera performance, it is quite good as long as ambient light conditions are adequate. The front-facing camera works well and is suitable for taking selfies and unlocking the phone via facial recognition. Alternatively, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor is available.


Oppo A54 5G is on par with the competition in the tests. The benchmark results show a solid performance in the lower mid-range, which allows the user to run all everyday applications without issues. Whereas, a high-performance mode that is hidden in the settings menu doesn’t add any noteworthy value.

The Wi-Fi speed and battery life are also on par with the class. Although both land at the lower end of our test field, they can’t be considered bad by any means. With 16.5 hours in our WLAN test, the 5,000 mAh battery’s capacity is utilized quite well.

But, since fast charging is not supported, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until the battery is full again. In return, the microSD card reader is one of the faster ones in this price range, and it doesn’t block the dual SIM slot.