OPPO Enco Air specs and review

Since the release of the first true wireless Bluetooth headset W51 in June last year, OPPO has continued to work on acoustics, and jointly launched the flagship new product OPPO Enco X with Dynaudio, and established the Enco series product line. At the OPPO K9 new product launch conference in May this year, OPPO Enco Air was launched, as the entry-level product of the Enco series, I also look forward to its performance.


In terms of appearance, OPPO Enco Air adopts a classic pebble-shaped design similar to Enco X. The DYNAUDIO logo on the box is replaced with OPPO. The surface of the fuselage is treated with a matte process, which makes it feel very comfortable. The colors are white, black, green, and blue. The jelly box with a translucent lid is light and translucent. Both the appearance and color matching are very good.


OPPO Enco Air uses a Type-C interface. The placement of the left and right earphones conforms to the design of human ears. When you take out the earphones, you need to rotate them slightly to fit into your ears. OPPO Enco Air can achieve a good adsorption effect, even if it is inverted, it will not fall.


Compared with in-ear earphones, I prefer semi-in-ear earphones. In-ear earphones have a natural feeling of wearing a foreign body. Whether it is sitting or exercising, I always have to take off the earphones and take out my ears to relax. But semi-in-ear earphones don’t exist this kind of problem. OPPO Enco Air adopts a handle-type semi-in-ear design, and the weight per ear is only 3.75g. In actual wearing, you can feel that the shell fits the contour of the ear better, and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time.


In terms of sound quality, OPPO Enco Air uses a 12mm composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic coil unit, combined with the PEN-plated titanium material of the diaphragm dome, which can effectively suppress segmentation vibration, improve transient response, and bring bright and clear mid-to-high frequency hearing, which can maintain the nice listening experience. In terms of audio formats, OPPO Enco Air true wireless headsets also support AAC high-definition audio encoding and SBC audio formats.


In terms of call quality, I tried to make a call in the subway. Although there is no noise reduction function, it still has good call quality. In terms of game delay, OPPO Enco Air, with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, combined with the optimization of the full link delay, the delay is as low as 94ms. In games like PUBG Mobile, the delay of gunshots is hardly felt.

OPPO Enco Air supports 4 hours of battery life, and it can be used with the charging box to achieve 24 hours of battery life. In normal use, it can be charged once a week. In terms of charging speed, you can listen to songs for eight hours after charging for ten minutes. If you find that there is no electricity when you go out, you can easily cope with a day under temporary supplementation.


If this headset is insufficient, it may be due to the lack of an infrared sensor. When playing video and music, the headset cannot be automatically paused when the headset is removed. It needs to be clicked on the phone to pause. This is hoped to be improved in the next generation of products.