OPPO releases the world’s first 5G SA eSIM phone

OPPO officials announced that through cooperation with Thales, the world’s first eSIM function supporting 5G SA was released on Find X3 Pro models. It does not need to be plugged and unplugged like a traditional SIM card, but is directly embedded in the terminal.

The SA (Independent Networking) architecture is one of the mainstream architectures of the future 5G network, which can achieve lower latency and higher flexibility.

By combining the security features of the 5G SA network with advanced experience and the convenient advantages of eSIM technology, it provides the industry with a more complete eSIM solution.

eSIM stands for embedded SIM, which can be understood as a SIM card integrated inside the mobile phone. Mobile phone users with this function can convert the original SIM card to an eSIM card through the operator.

OPPO is the first manufacturer in the industry to support 5G SA eSIM on smartphones. Xia Yang, senior director of OPPO carrier products, said:

“Through the technical cooperation with Thales this time, we have jointly built Find X3 Pro into the world’s first terminal product to introduce the 5G SA eSIM function.”


At present, OPPO Find X3 Pro can support two SIM cards and one eSIM on a mobile phone, and at the same time support 5G SA network on the eSIM side for the first time.

This new feature does not actually change or affect our daily use. Its main advantage is that it is highly integrated and can further utilize the internal space of the mobile phone.

Secondly, because it will not be taken out without disassembling, it guarantees the user’s information security.

Of course, the features of eSIM are not limited to smartphones.

In addition to wearable devices such as smart phones and smart watches, there will also be a wide range of applications in the future Internet of Vehicles, Industrial Internet of Things and other fields.