Orrick AK30 30000mAh mobile power bank: full charge and fast charging

Every trip is inseparable from charging, various devices that use electricity. Such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, tablets, aircraft and so on. They are all necessary things that need to be charged. Every time I go out, there are all kinds of charging heads in large bags and small bags. It really makes my head hurt. Besides, there are too many things you have to bring, and there is no extra place to get these things.

I’m still upset about the things I need to take this time out! The power bank I prepared last time ran out of power when I arrived in a city. My daughter blamed me for this. This time we are leaving again, but. This time the child’s mother prepared for me and the baby,

A super easy to use artifact, that is the following super large capacity power bank, so that it can easily solve the troubles of walking in the car. Let us see how it is!


 As always, I opened the package to see what kind of thing it was, so that my wife and children can always play with their phones. Ignore me, they seem to no longer have to worry about running out of power. It turns out that it is my loyal Oritech AK30-30000mAh mobile power bank. I thought to myself, when this product went on the market, I didn’t even know, so my wife bought it back.


 The family-style white and blue colors are still very simple and clean. The product parameters can be clearly seen on the box. There is also an insurance company’s LOGO in the upper right corner. So you don’t have to worry about nuclear bomb incidents during use!


 Looking down, there is also the product model AK30 in the lower left corner, so that you will not worry about consumers buying wrong things. Looking at the business in this way is still very intimate.


 Open the outer box, you can clearly see the power bank itself, it is still quite textured, the weight in your hand is still heavy, it can be said that if you usually can’t hold a pound of things, then this power bank I think I can’t take it anymore.


 Look, the brand image design on the side is really called a clear, black body with white typographic letters engraved on it, which really makes me feel happy.


 Even the following detailed description is called a detail. Each use output description, battery capacity, rated capacity, manufacturer. Really a meticulous manufacturer. Let children who do not know how to use the charging device can easily get started!


 There are detailed instructions, a warranty card, and a thick and strong charging cable in the box.


There is also a small design on the body of the Orrick AK30, which is the indicator light when charging, letting you know when to start charging and when to end. It is estimated that if such a big power bank is dead, it will take several hours to charge it.


 When using it, you must turn on the switch first. You can’t use it at all, but with the switch key, you won’t worry about wasting the spare power in the power bank.


 In terms of interface and charging specifications, the power supply is equipped with two USB Type-A interfaces for outputting power, and one Type-c port can output or input power for the power supply. There is also a Micro-Bin that can only be used as input. The power supply has a maximum input and output power of 18W, and the charging power is still guaranteed.


 This mobile power bank is really designed with a striped anti-slip design, built-in lithium polymer battery, and the shell material is ABS+PC, which is widely compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols. The LED power indicator on it is particularly prominent.


 If you go out in this way, you won’t worry about the problem of dead cell phone. This mobile power supply has reached 111WH, so unfortunately, it cannot be carried on the plane.


 In the past, the slightly smaller mobile power supplies can only be used to charge mobile phones at most, and cannot be used to charge tablets or laptops at all, because the battery is not enough, and it will not last so long. This time you can easily solve the trouble of no battery.


 Haha, if you really can’t see the size of the brick power bank by just looking at the photos, you can only say that the Orrick AK30 power bank is really genuine and does not cut corners at all. It can charge two mobile phones at the same time. This also saves a lot of time. This is also very fast when charging the tablet.


 In just a few minutes, the battery charge went from 54% to 89%, not to mention the big guy still did not let me down.


 Even the normally picky tablet, as long as the charging cable is plugged in, the charging speed is much faster. No longer worry about the lack of electricity.


 I used it for several hours and charged two mobile phones and a tablet. There is still half of the battery and only two lights are off. This capacity is really safe. If I am surviving in the wild, my phone can last for 5 days.


 Seeing that the laptop computer I was using ran out of power, my wife immediately handed me the power bank. I wondered at the time if this little brick was enough? Not to mention the effort to make a phone call. Looking back, it shows 27%. It really underestimates the brick. If it can charge other devices, it is really a treasure.


 Looking at it, this Orrick AK30 mobile power bank can be said to be the best product at present, in this home. It’s a very good choice. This mobile power supply weighs about 677 grams, and it takes a little effort in terms of portability. It is more suitable for standing at home or office.

Having said that, it has many advantages. It can be used with multiple input ports, and it can also charge tablets and laptops. Not to mention that it looks a little heavy, and it has many uses when it is a little heavy.

The only difference is that it’s a bit too big and inconvenient to pick up. If it is a little smaller and lighter, the colors are more brilliant, and the capacity of the supercapacitor is added to the plane when you fly. If these can be changed, then it is a magical tool in everyone’s hands.

So that’s all for today’s sharing! Good things are available every day, looking forward to your attention!