Phoinikas H6 is the essential headset for the new gaming era

With the development of the game industry, various 3A masterpieces emerge endlessly. In order to have a better gaming experience, game players have set more requirements for the gaming headset. Phoinikas has launched an entry-level gaming headset with 360° surround sound channels. This feature can particularly enhance the positioning ability and allow players to experience the immersive effect.


It has to be said that the appearance and temperament of the Phoinikas H6 are very in line with the player’s imagination of the game headset. After the USB cable of the headset is inserted into the computer, the two light strips on the earmuffs will light up. At this time, Phoinikas H6 exudes a strong atmosphere of e-sports. This atmosphere is very exciting whether it is playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.


The jack of this headset is USB. So the most important thing for a good headset is sound quality. Now the use scene of gaming headsets is so complicated. A good microphone must not be absent. Phoinikas H6 has a 360° omnidirectional noise reduction microphone design, an integrated hose, and the angle can be adjusted freely. This design suppresses background noise, eliminates noise, and achieves high-definition calls. It can be completed voice communication tasks well during the battle. The most feared thing when playing games is the sound delay, especially when playing PUBG. A minute delay may make you miss good timing.


For a headset to have good sound quality, in addition to the efforts of the tuner, the hardware is also very important. Phoinikas H6 has a 50mm large dynamic coil enthusiast-grade diaphragm unit, and at the same time, it uses a sound-producing film with good toughness. It can also have excellent ductility and strength in the case of ultra-thin thickness so that the sound and audio emitted by the headphone unit can be loud. The range is farther, the high and low bass transition is more natural, and distortion is reduced.


The directional drive unit is aligned with the position of both ears, with a closed earmuff design, which perfectly interprets the word balance. And the H6 truly realizes the 360° precise orientation in the game, and the sound is more layered.

The virtual 360° stereo channel restores the entire live sound very accurately, and the position can be judged only by listening to the sound, which is really wonderful.


The overall design style of the headset is rather simple, the overall structure is mainly flexible and lightweight, and the delicate and fine matte touch of the body part makes me feel very comfortable. In particular, the headwear design maintains the consistent design and style of the Finikasi headset. The head beam does not thicken the sponge, and the horizontal 90° and vertical 20° adaptive fit adjustments. The two earmuffs are also large enough to completely wrap the ears as if they were massaging. A more comfortable fit can also effectively reduce noise and better enjoy the lossless sound quality.


The H6 has a multi-function remote control, whether you are in movies, music, or games, you can quickly adjust the speaker driver and microphone, and other functions through the multi-function remote control to keep the most suitable state at all times. 


Some people say that playing the game is the cheapest entertainment right now. Judging from the performance of the Phoinikas H6 gaming headset, this is very real. It can not only be your best comrade in arms when playing games, but also an indispensable good companion in your life. At present, e-sports is developing rapidly, and the quality of equipment and prices are uneven. I think the Phoinikas H6 can just solve this confusion. Regardless of its appearance and performance, it is also handy in daily use and when dealing with 3A masterpieces, without fear of powerful enemies.