My experience about how to choose smart home items

Our smart home uses the Google Home system.

In addition to the Google system, the civilian smart home system can also choose Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Home Kit, and Samsung’s Smart things.

Considering the superposition of other products and systems at home, I finally chose G home.

Google assistant is smarter than Siri. Because voice control is the bridge of smart home, and Apple’s system can only use Apple music and does not support Spotify. So in the end there is no doubt that I chose G Home.

In order to build G Home I bought the following products: Google Home Max, Small Hub, Big Hub, Mini Hub, Chrome Cast.

I placed the Max speakers in the front hall and dining room, as well as the large living room.

In this way, you can hear the same song playing in the whole house wherever you go, which is very suitable for people with 2 or even 3 floors in the house.

Big Hub has its own camera, and I put it in the kitchen.

I put the little Hub in the bedroom without a camera.

Chrome Cast is for Samsung frame.