Playing game! Better to build a PC or buy a Playstation 5?

The pandemic makes people bored at home, especially school children so that they don’t play much outside their house, the parents buy consoles, no wonder the price of consoles when the pandemic rises rapidly.


One year on, the pandemic is not over and the people don’t care, so it’s no wonder your land is full again, travelers are breaking through the insulation even though Covid is not a fabrication. The law enforcers can only surrender, after all, they are actually bored. Moreover, facing a large crowd of people, from small to large scale, from demonstrations, regional elections, celebrations, to markets and insulation.


Logically, the lives of these officers are the targets of the virus at the forefront. Hopefully, they are immune to disease, don’t deliberately make sacrifices for not caring many people to the crowd. Okay, let’s just leave that matter and get to the core of the discussion, namely the pandemic that hasn’t ended yet, and the ban on going home to kill boredom is what distracts it by playing games.

Who doesn’t like arcade games? Everyone will feel great when they are playing, especially now that more modern games are all digital and spoiled with the best graphics. There is no need to meet each other in the real world, games nowadays provide online means of sharing with anyone, anywhere.


However, when the Playstation 5 was released for the Indonesian region at a price of Rp.8.8 million last January and without disk, Rp.7.3 million. Make the people even better recalculate the spending budget, do you just downgrade to buy a PS 4, whose figure has dropped to IDR 5 million for the second one to touch IDR 3 million, or build a PC as well!

The cost of building a PC is arguably the fund is uncertain, especially for high-end PCs using RTX VGA, it can be categorized as currently rare, the result is that the price of the VGA alone can make your pocket weak. So we leave the PC specs for that class.

Then switch to a low-end PC, but it’s still good to catch up with good PS4 graphics and can even play PS 5 games even though it might be frustrating if it’s on high settings.



We take the cheapest budget from the PS 4 second with a second PC at a price of Rp. 3 million, for PS 4 which are sold usually the Fat and slim megapack promo but second, while the PC specifications use the following AMD chipset, AMD A8-7650k (10 cores), 8GB RAM, 2GB VGA R7 Series, 500 watt PSU, and everything from a mouse to LCD is only priced at IDR 3 million. The games that are devoured are already in the same class as PS 4, even the graphics can reach PS 5 but the frames often drop if you have to play high resolutions, you can’t catch up to 60 fps because PS 5 has a ray-tracing feature, 4K even 8K resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate up to 120 fps, etc.

As for PC assemblies with prices like PS 5 at Rp. 7 million, the specifications are as shown below.



Can you play FIFA 21 with PS 5 graphics? Grants, but not running at best performance. Because the PS 5 engine where the motherboard consists of 16GB GDDR6 RAM which is arranged in eight models surrounding the SoC, which consists of an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU, of course, has an engine to be able to devour games for the next 8 years.

If you want PC specs according to PS 5, of course, the price is not comparable between a built-up PC and console, obviously, the built-up PC with the AMD Ryzen series is the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X series, the price itself is translucent at IDR 5 million, not yet a GPU with AMD Radeon RX 5700 here the price makes a translucent headache Rp. 10 million, the two components alone are in the figure of Rp. 15 million, no motherboard, not RAM, no hard drive, not a good monitor screen, keyboard and mouse if you want to follow the complete specs can go through Rp. 40 million.

Which do you think is better, still say that to play games instead of buying a Playstation 5 it’s better to assemble a PC already in a complete package?