Private cinema, Set up a real 4K cinema at your home

As movie lovers, we have always hoped to have a cinema-like viewing experience at home.

Just one month after moving to a new house, we finally ushered in the first set of the audio-visual system: BenQ W2700 4K projector + Audioengine HD6 speaker.



The distance from the sofa to the TV wall in our house is 3.2 meters, and the projection of more than 120 inches of screens makes the entire wall of the living room into a screen, which is much cooler than the original Sony 55-inch TV at home.

With the HDR of the BenQ W2700, the highlights in the picture are brighter, the dark parts are darker, and the layers are more distinct.


DCI-P3 color gamut that covers 95%

Compared with the ordinary Rec 709 color gamut, W2700 can present more colors, especially in red and green. With the P3 color gamut, the pictures in the movie can be rendered super-reductively. That is, it can better restore the colors that the director wants to show the audience when making the movie.


60 frame motion compensation

When watching 24 frames/30 frames, it can be compensated to 60 frames, especially when playing games and watching football games and racing cars, it is as smooth as silk.


Built-in 10W powerful speaker

I didn’t have much interest in the built-in speakers, but I heard that the built-in 10W speakers in the W2700 are still quite powerful.

However, for a great movie-watching experience, we connected the Audioengine HD6 speaker and built a home theater easily.