Projection artifact recommendation! This is a cost-effective choice for watching TV

It is the most convenient and quickest projecting tool-Chromecast! The operation is simple and convenient!

The machine is very small. It can be directly plugged into the TV or display port, and then download the Google Home App and follow the steps to set it up. You need to log in with your Google account. It is very simple!

You can also add accounts of family members.

After setting up, when watching YouTube on your mobile phone, you can directly select the device you want to cast to your home in the upper right corner, and you can play with your mobile phone after you cast the screen, without affecting the effect of the screen cast

Use Google’s Chrome browser directly on your computer to browse any webpage. Select “Cast” in the upper right corner to cast the screen.

It is very suitable for the home with only the most common TV display, and the price is less than 40 US dollars.

Very recommended!