Promise me! A girl who lives alone must buy these items!

1. Door resistance, the price is CNY27. It is compact and easy to carry around, and it is suitable for most internal opening doors.

The use is actually very simple. Insert the front part of the door block into the door, close the door, and insert the crescent-shaped steel sheet into the gap near the door.

The operation is very simple, the principle is to rely on the crescent-shaped steel sheet to block the door from opening.

2. Xiaomi door and window sensors need to be used in conjunction with Xiaomi gateway.

As the second line of defense at home. Stick it on the door frame, once the door is opened, the gateway will immediately sound an alarm. You can also link the camera to start to shoot. This serves as an alarm.

3. Dingdong smart video doorbell.

Put it outside the gate, once someone passes by or stays, the doorbell will send the picture to your mobile phone.

You can also change your voice through the mobile app.

The only disadvantage of this is that it cannot be watched and monitored in real time, and sometimes the transmitted picture will be delayed. But overall it is worth having, this is the first line of defense in the family.

In fact, I also recommend that everyone use a method, this is a method that a thief told after he has corrected his evil.

Before going to bed, you locked the door with a key inside the door. Turn the key to a position where you cannot pull it out. Don’t pull it out. In this way, once a thief takes a tool or master key from the outside, it cannot be inserted into the keyhole.