PS VR 2 Sophistication Ready to Dominate the Market in 2022

Good news from Sony, bro. They will be planning to launch PSVR 2, the successor to the PlayStation virtual reality headset in the holiday season of April 2022. Sony’s PSVR plans will use Samsung’s OLED panels inside the headset! The more sophisticated the technology, the more beautiful the display it will produce later.


PSVR 2 was announced in February, and shortly after Sony revealed the new controller, which wraps the user’s hand in a ball-like design, with a faint resemblance to the Oculus Rift/Quest halo design. Recent reports claim that the headset will feature a 4K display inside the headset, AI tracking, and haptic feedback.


The PlayStation VR headset has been well received in the market although it doesn’t quite compete with high-end devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it seems that this time Sony is targeting a more advanced level of virtual reality technology for the upcoming market, with features like finger detection on controllers that are similar with Index Knuckle Valve controller which is very convenient to use.