PUBG Mobile releases Godzilla vs Kong crossover event

PUBG Mobile announces an upcoming event crossover with Godzilla vs Kong that will allow players to interact with the iconic behemoths.

PUBG Mobile is so popular and always releases ambitious crossover events. It’s newest crossover is with Legendary Pictures’ recently released Kaiju film, Godzilla vs Kong.


Now, in this new mode, the PUBG will let players fight it out for a chicken dinner while also interacting with Godzilla and Kong. The event’s announcement is not muh on details, but players will also be able to unlock various cosmetics related to the movie’s iconic behemoths. The game also released a stylish trailer for the event with footage from the game and the new film spliced together, as well as a statement from Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs Kong


For players who want to get a head start on the game before the crossover launches in the near future, PUBG Mobile just started a new mode called graffiti prank that runs until May 10. The event sees clowns creating mayhem in the in-game Anniversary Celebration Square, where players can drop in and collect tokens that can be exchanged for items at a newly added store. With the launch of an all-new desert-themed 64-player map also on the horizon, there is a lot of exciting content on the way for PUBG Mobile, making now a great time to jump in.