Razer released the Black Widow V3 mini wireless keyboard, compact and powerful

On May 25th, Razer officially released the Black Widow V3 mini wireless keyboard, which provides a perfect combination of free wireless and strong performance in a compact layout.

Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition is specially designed for players who want a stylish and simple design appearance or need to save desktop space. This is a feature-rich gaming keyboard with only 65% ​​standard size, with full-height keys, arrow keys, and navigation keys that can meet the user’s needs to the utmost extent. In addition, it is also equipped with Razer HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, which realizes seamless, low-latency wireless connection by retaining commonly used functions and using HyperSpeed ​​wireless. Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Keyboard is ideal for gaming and full-scene use, especially for players who want a simple and tidy desktop or a cramped space.


Not only has a simple and compact appearance, but the Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition also retains the most commonly used keys except for the standard letter and number keys. Its cleverly designed and compact button layout ensures as little space as possible. By retaining the arrow keys and moving the navigation keys to the side of the keyboard, users can easily access the most frequently used functions in the full-size keyboard, as well as all other full-size functions available through the assist keys.


To meet the needs of players, the Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition uses Razer’s new Hyperspeed multi-device receiver, allowing a pair of compatible Razer Hyperspeed keyboard and mouse combinations to be connected to the computer through only one USB receiver. As the support for HyperSpeed ​​multi-device receivers has been incorporated into many Hyperspeed wireless products that have been released, the new receivers will make the desktop no longer cluttered, and can save a USB interface.

Black Widow V3 mini wireless version also uses Bluetooth technology, allowing seamless switching between up to 3 devices. The USB-C cable provides a more comprehensive connection option, allowing simultaneous use and charging, and can last up to about 200 hours each time it is fully charged.


Despite the compact keyboard design, the Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition is still equipped with Razer’s award-winning mechanical axis technology. These include a quiet, linearly triggered yellow axis with a new and improved silencer, and a green axis with crisp percussive sound and paragraph feel. The keyboard is also equipped with sturdy and durable two-color injection molding ABS keycaps, the key characters are more resistant to wear, never fade, and the side walls are thicker, providing players with a durable and comfortable tapping experience.

Combining ultra-low latency Hyperspeed wireless gaming performance with a 65% standard size layout, Razer Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition is a perfect wireless gaming keyboard that can fit in any space and can face all usage scenarios. The suggested retail price is CNY1299.