Realme Flash is officially confirmed to be released: Android’s first magnetic wireless charging phone!

As everyone knows, there will be a wave of new smartphones from January to March and August to October every year. Various manufacturers will launch their own brand new models.

On the morning of August 1st, Realme official Weibo officially announced the “Realme Flash” model and revealed that it will become Android’s first magnetically-absorbing wireless charging smartphone.


According to the picture, the Realme Flash has a ring-shaped device in the center of the back. It should be like the iPhone 12 series. A magnetic device is placed inside the phone, which can be used to attract external accessories, such as magnetic wireless charging so that wireless charging can be changed to play while charging like wired.

However, unlike the Magsafe of the iPhone 12, the Realme Flash model may bring magnetic-assisted wireless fast charging, and its charging power may reach more than 50W, which will also make it the fastest magnetic-assisted wireless charging in the world models, the charging power of the iPhone 12 was only about 10W before, and it even lost power during the charging process.


Earlier, it was revealed that Realme designed a very thin and light magnetic wireless charger for the Flash model, which supports 15W charging power and can meet daily charging needs.

On this basis, Realme also designed another magnetic wireless charger that supports fast charging. Its overall thickness is much larger. The all-metal design is conducive to the heat dissipation of wireless charging, and it is also equipped with an active heat dissipation device. The fan is used to ensure the charging speed, so it will also be equipped with a higher wireless charging power, and it is expected that it may support wireless charging of more than 50W.


In addition to more convenient wireless charging, Realme Flash is expected to support a wide range of magnetic accessories, such as magnetic cardholders, magnetic radiators, etc., thanks to the characteristics of magnetic attraction.

More importantly, these accessories no longer need to be connected with a thick shell as in the past. The magnetic attraction can be used quickly and can be quickly disassembled after use, which is very convenient.