Realme V25 MAX running memory 19GB ,see you tomorrow !

In January last year, realme brought a new V-series product, the realme V15, with an initial price of $222.

After a year, realme is about to release a new generation of V-series products, the realme V25, which will debut on March 3.


Today, realme officially warmed up the realme V25, announcing that the realme V25 is equipped with 12GB of memory, supports DRE dynamic memory expansion technology, and can expand up to 7GB, bringing an experience equivalent to 19GB of memory, comparable to high-end flagships.

Realme said that with the DRE dynamic memory expansion technology, the realme V25 system is smoother, and the application and games are not stuck.

According to the official information, the memory expansion technology is an auxiliary function. During the use of the mobile phone, when the running memory is not enough, a part of the storage space can be temporarily used as the running memory, so that the mobile phone can open more applications at the same time and ensure the mobile phone Smooth operation, make the best use of mobile phone configuration, and operate with the highest efficiency.

Users can open “About Phone” in the phone settings, click on the running memory to enter the memory expansion, select the expansion size as needed (the maximum can be expanded 7GB), and restart the phone after selecting.