Realme will produce laptops: leak photos are exposed

Today, Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth revealed the new spy photos of realme notebooks for the first time.

As shown in the picture, the new realme notebook is packed in a portfolio.

When Jobs showed off the new MacBook Air at the press conference before, he took it out of the portfolio, emphasizing that it was particularly thin and light.

Now that the realme notebook is packed in the portfolio, it shows that the realme notebook is very thin and light, and uses an integrated metal body design, performance specifications are temporarily unknown.

It is worth noting that this is the first time realme has entered the notebook market. It will be the first to debut in India and may be named realme Laptop.

Industry insiders pointed out that the outbreak of the new crown epidemic catalyzed the demand for online services such as online office and online education, and unexpectedly contributed to a substantial recovery in the PC market.

In this case, the PC industry ushered in a new member-realme.

Realme has done research in its Indian official community before and said that users have a strong demand for laptops. We will launch laptops at the right time, so stay tuned.