Redmi gaming phone parameters are exposed: 144Hz single hole screen + Dimensity 1200

Recently, Redmi officially announced that it will release its first gaming phone product this month.

At present, the Redmi gaming phone has obtained network access certification, which shows that the phone will be equipped with the same MDY-12-EF charger of the Xiaomi 11 series flagship, which supports up to 67W fast charging, which is a very rare charging specification at the same price.

Recently, a blogger brought the latest news about the phone, revealing the main parameters of the phone.

According to the news, the Redmi gaming phone will be equipped with a Samsung E4 material OLED perforated screen on the front. The front-facing opening is placed in the center, and it supports a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.

It can provide top-level display and control effects and bring an excellent gaming experience.

In terms of core, Redmi officials have previously revealed that the first gaming phone will be equipped with MediaTek’s strongest processor Dimensity 1200.

It is based on a more mature 6nm process and adopts the mainstream flagship 8-core architecture design of “1+3+4”. The super-large core is the 3.0GHz A78 core with the highest frequency in the industry. The GPU uses Mali-G77, which has comparable performance. Dragon 870.


Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, once said that the Dimensity 1200 has been tested very well, with better power consumption and energy efficiency; the new upgraded engine allows the game function to have a better experience.

In addition, the Redmi gaming phone will also have a built-in 5000mAh super-capacity battery, with a 67W fast charge, which can provide a great guarantee for battery life.

At the same time, the Redmi gaming phone will also add a gaming shoulder button similar to the Black Shark phone, which can easily achieve four-finger operation, and is jointly optimized with mainstream games to bring an excellent gaming experience.

Lu Weibing revealed: This time, we will still implement Redmi efficiency under the mission of the ultimate price-performance ratio, and use a more kind price to provide professional gaming experience to the general public, breaking the bottom line of gaming mobile phone prices.

We want to declare war on the old gaming mobile phone industry with a harder core gaming experience and a more extreme flagship price/performance ratio.