[RedTom Morning Post]: AMD RX 6600 XT is expected to be available next month, ZTE Axon 30 will be the cheapest smartphone with an under-screen front camera, and more

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AMD RX 6600 XT is expected to be available next month

At present, AMD’s 7nm RDNA2 architecture graphics cards have already sold two batches of products, namely RX 6900/6800 series, and RX 6700 series, and the next step will be the long-rumored RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT series. According to previous news, the RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT will be officially launched in August, among which the RX 6600 XT may be the first to debut, and the RX 6600 may be postponed to September and October. According to related reports, some people in the industry have recently predicted the price of RX 6600 XT. They believe that the price of the product may be between 499-549 euros, which is about 3800-4188 yuan, which means it will be stuck at 4,000 yuan. Market positioning of the file. In terms of specifications, it was previously reported that the RX 6600 XT is expected to have a complete set of 32 computing units, 2048 stream processors, 32 optical tracking units, 32MB unlimited cache, with 128-bit 8GB GDDR6 video memory, equivalent frequency 16GHz, bandwidth 256GB /s. The overall performance is roughly the same as RX 5700 XT and GTX 1080 Ti, with a difference of about 5%. In terms of mining power, the Ethereum mining rate of RX 6600 XT is 30MH/s, and the performance is similar to the previous generation RX 5700 XT.


RedTom Thoughts😊: It’s time to upgrade my game gadgets!


ZTE Axon 30 will be the cheapest smartphone with an under-screen front camera this year

On July 27, ZTE’s next-generation under-screen camera phone, ZTE Axon 30 5G, will be officially released. A few days ago, according to digital blogger Digital Chat Station, ZTE Axon 30 is the cheapest under-screen camera phone this year. In addition, the blogger previously stated that the proactive concealment effect of the ZTE Axon 30 under-screen version is quite good, and it is difficult to distinguish the difference directly. The processor Snapdragon 870 is the only flagship processor this year. The whole machine is only 7.8mm+189g, and the grip is quite light and thin. It is understood that the lower version of ZTE Axon 30 will be equipped with a 6.92-inch full screen with a resolution of 2460*1080, a screen PPI of up to 400, and a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate. In the front lens area, the machine uses 7 layers of high-transmittance materials and 3 layers of special technology, which has stronger light transmission. It is worth mentioning that the official ZTE Axon 30 screen is the world’s first screen to obtain three authoritative eye protection certifications, including TUV Rheinland, Switzerland SGS, and the United States UL three authoritative eye protection certifications.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Cheap, but the performance is great!


Huawei P50 Pro might be matched with the gold color scheme

As we all know, due to the changes in the Kirin processor, the Huawei P50 series flagship phone, which was supposed to be released in March this year, was seriously delayed. It is July 25th today, and the result has not been released yet. However, Huawei mobile phone officials have confirmed that the Huawei P50 series will officially hold a press conference on July 29! Although Huawei P50 has not been released yet, from Huawei’s official exposure and netizens’ revelations, the design of Huawei P50 is almost certain. First of all, in Huawei’s official warm-up video, it is not surprising that Huawei P50Pro, its rear camera design has also surfaced, with a clear view. Like the Huawei P40Pro, the rear camera of the Huawei P50Pro is also in the upper left corner. The difference is that the Huawei P50Pro is a capsule-shaped camera, connected by two circles. Secondly, the back cover of the Huawei P50Pro may match the color scheme of gold. Judging from various recent exposures, the possibility is very high. We can see Huawei’s official warm-up poster, which also has a golden background, so the Huawei P50Pro with the “Tyrant Gold” color scheme is indeed very possible. In addition, in terms of processors, the Huawei P50 series is reported to have two processor versions, one is the 4G version of the Snapdragon 888, and the other is the 5G version of the Kirin 9000. 


RedTom Thoughts😊: I think this kind of match is still very good because Snapdragon 888 has high power consumption and heat generation, and part of the reason is the high power consumption of 5G baseband, and using 4G baseband, Snapdragon 888 will be calmer. 


Samsung Galaxy S22 series mobile phone models exposed

Recently, news about Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series flagship mobile phones has also been increasing day by day. A few days ago, according to foreign media Sammobile, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series will include the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra three series (currently tentative names), and the corresponding models should be SM-S901x, SM-S906x, and SM- S908x. According to the news broke, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series no longer use models like SM-G1000x in the model naming, but replaced G with S and restarted in the next decade of the Galaxy S flagship product. Use numbers from the 9xx series. Samsung’s SM-G9xx series made its debut in the Galaxy S5, namely SM-G900x, and reached its peak in the Galaxy S21, namely SM-G991x, SM-G996x, SM-G998x.


RedTom Thoughts😊: So, how much is it? LOL.


Not avoid 13? Media said the new iPhone will be called iPhone 13

According to the “Economic Daily” report, the upcoming 2021 iPhone will be named “iPhone 13”, and the naming schemes for the entire series are “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max”. According to reports, citing sources and “supply chain” checks, Apple plans to name the upcoming iPhone “iPhone 13”. At the same time, Apple will continue to use the names of different models such as “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max”. In a previous survey, one in five iPhone and iPad users did not like the name “iPhone 13”. On the contrary, 38% of the survey participants hope that Apple will completely abandon the corresponding numbers and can name the iPhone according to the year, such as iPhone (2021). In addition, 13% of people said that they hope that Apple can name the upcoming iPhone “iPhone 12s”.


RedTom Thoughts😊: So, how do you like the name? iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s?

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