A simple recipe makes you gain more protein-Shrimp and egg sandwich

Today, I made a cheese egg shrimp sandwich for breakfast. I really found a new world. The wonderful fusion of cheese and eggs is really delicious enough, why didn‘t you find such delicacy a long time ago? 


2 eggs and 1 egg white

2 slices of toast

6 to 8 shrimps

The right amount of crushed low-fat cheese

How to cook:

1 Fry the toast slices on a low fire until the surface is browned and crispy, remember to make sure to use a low fire

2 Beat two eggs and one egg white in a bowl, add a little seasoning salt and mix well

3 Remove the head and tail of the fresh shrimp, remove the shrimp thread, add a little seasoning salt and black pepper to marinate for a while

4 Put a little olive oil in the hot pan, fry the shrimps, pour in the egg liquid and push the egg liquid continuously in, and when the egg liquid has a little solidified, add the shredded cheese, turn off the heat and melt the cheese with the remaining temperature

5 Take the cheese, egg and shrimp on the toast, sprinkle a little black pepper, and cover with another slice of toast