Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Better Than The iPhone SE 2?

For a long time, Samsung seemed to only focus on its flagship lineup of phones. The Galaxy S and Note series seemed to be the only ones that Samsung actually put the effort into, because the other budget options had no attention from users at all, and they didn’t serve any purpose but to just exist in the market. That all changed when the company released their A series because it has been downright impressive ever since it introduced it. The A50 was a great phone for the price, and the A51 certainly follows suit, with a lot of steps in the right direction, which all prove to us that Samsung also cares for its mid-range user base, and not just the flagship one.

The Good

There’s a lot to like about this phone and it’s hard to point out just one thing. First of all, the design of the phone blows all competition out of the water at this price segment. We don’t think we’ve seen a punch-hole display in any phone at this price point, and with the build quality making it look similar to Samsung’s flagships, you’ll be impressing your friends with the A51’s looks. Moreover, the screen is spectacular as well, something Samsung is well known for. It’s a Super AMOLED FHD+ screen, with bright colour reproduction and deep blacks. It’s easily the best screen on any phone within a 200-dollar price radius – it’s that good.

You also get an in-display fingerprint scanner as well, again something that’s unusual to see in smartphones at this price point. Even though it may not be the best scanner we’ve seen, it still is under the screen and we appreciate that step taken by Samsung. You can also use the front camera to unlock your phone with the face unlock feature. However, we don’t advise this method and you should do it at your own risk because it isn’t as safe as a fingerprint and even images of your face could unlock the phone since it isn’t 3D technology.

Moving on, the performance on the A51 is solid as well, as you’ll notice the phone running through most tasks thrown at it, and day-to-day usage will be like a hot knife running through butter. The phone houses an Exynos chip and paired with the 6 gigs of RAM that it comes with, you’re going to notice a mostly lag and jitter-free experience. We say mostly because you might notice a jitter here and there if you’re playing a heavy game on maxed-out graphics. But even if you’re into heavy gaming, then don’t worry because the A51 can easily play any game on the play store with ease on medium settings. You’ll get consistently high frame rates per second, and obviously on the gorgeous display on this phone, your gaming experience will be top-notch.

Cameras on the phone are great for the price too. You get a 48-megapixel main shooter, along with a 12MP ultra-wide, and both portrait and macro lenses coming in at 5MP. The main camera takes one of the best photos we’ve seen in this segment. The dynamic range is almost spot on, with accurate colour reproduction and good details. Ultra-wide is something Samsung keeps pride in, and it shows with the photos coming out of the lens being above-par and post-able on social media.

The Bad

The only bad thing we could find in this phone is the charging speeds that the A51 comes with, and even that is average at worst. You get a 4000 mAh battery unit which will give you over a day’s use with ease, and you won’t find yourself charging your phone often. However, if you do find yourself needing to do so, then the maximum possible quick charge option is 15W. Now, this isn’t the worst, especially at this price point, but we’d have loved to see 25W or even 18W fast charging support on this device. It truly would’ve been a complete package at the price.


We feel like the A51 is one of the best phones you can get for 250-300 dollars on the market. You get great performance, cameras and screen, with a good battery. Yes, the charging speed isn’t as fast as you’d normally be accustomed to, but just throw the charger on at night, and you’ll wake up to 100% in the morning – problem solved!

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