Samsung laughs seeing Xiaomi making cheap phones because its UI has lots of Ads

It seems that the smartphone battle in the world is increasingly interesting to follow, including in Indonesia. But until now Samsung is still the best as the king of Android, it doesn’t seem like he wants to go down the caste.

Even though it had been beaten by troops from Xiaomi right and left, Samsung still persisted in carrying its own flag.


The low price offered by Xiaomi, which overwhelmed Samsung, was responded by Samsung having to release their entry-level smartphone. You could say that Samsung is not prestigious, with their low prices, the impact can certainly damage the image of Samsung, which is famous for its luxurious best quality prices.

Because we know that Samsung’s entry-level smartphones are of similar quality to Chinese phones. Maybe here Samsung saw Blackberry, Nokia, and many other vendors who were initially proud to follow the market after they fell.


What about the iPhone? These high-end phones are actually smarter, the ecosystem they have developed makes it a bit difficult for people to turn away because they make gadgets such as iPad, Home pod, iWatch, Apple TV, Mac book, and many others. And everything is integrated, so it is rather difficult to move to another heart if the ecosystem is already widely owned by the community.


This is also being followed by Samsung slowly, the ecosystem is starting to build, especially since Samsung’s User Interface is considered the best on Android. Previously they used the Samsung Experience UI or TouchWiz but were criticized for being full of bloatware, now Samsung has changed it with One UI which was first present on the Samsung Galaxy S10, with One UI Samsung is increasingly confident in the future.


Unlike its rivals who like to mess up the market, especially Xiaomi, they use MIUI which is a lot of bloatware and also advertisements and this is scattered on the user interface skin. Although it can be removed, for some people it is disturbing, especially those who are clueless, of course, will be annoyed by the advertisement.

Like it or not, Xiaomi’s cheap price has to be sacrificed, namely Ads and bloatware. Seeing this, Samsung laughed and they were still confident with the new A-series from A32, A52 to A72, mobile phones in the midrange realm that also have IP68 so they are not afraid of water.


Even though the chipset is not as tough as the Xiaomi army, the built quality is good and the quality and design of the cellphone can be said to be cool. For cellphone users who don’t like to play Samsung games, it provides another experience on a cellphone.

But what do you think Samsung is too overpriced? Because the Xiaomi army can provide a god chipset at a low price!

Please let me know your idea about this.