Sigma officially released the Sigma fp L full-frame mirrorless camera

The long-rumored Sigma brand new full-frame mirrorless camera fp L finally officially unveiled. As the second-generation model of Sigma’s first full-frame mirrorless camera Sigma fp, Sigma fp L maintains the compact body of the previous generation. It uses a 61-megapixel full-frame Bayer image sensor, a hybrid autofocus system, and a 4K 30P video capture function without cropping. The single body is priced at US$2,499, and the EVF-11 viewfinder kit is priced at US$2,999. It is expected that the Sigma fp L will be available in mid-April.


The full-frame Bayer image sensor equipped with Sigma fp L has approximately 61 million effective pixels. From the current news, it should be based on the same CMOS used in Sony a7R IV. Although it does not use the exclusive Foveon X3 sensor, based on Sigma’s experience on the Foveon sensor, this sensor has better resolution and color performance. The sensor is equipped with a low-pass filter and reduces the moiré to the lowest level. At the same time, Sigma fp L also supports cropping digital zoom based on high-pixel sensor.

In terms of body size, Sigma fp L has almost no change from the previous generation Sigma fp, and is still the smallest product among full-frame mirrorless cameras. The body size is 113 x 70 x 45 mm, and the weight is only 427 grams. Also due to the size, the body is not equipped with a mechanical sensor anti-shake function, it uses electronic anti-shake, and only an electronic shutter.