Smart speakers also want better sound quality?Huawei Sound Smart Speaker

Many people think that the most important thing for a smart speaker is the integration of voice interaction and smart home, and the sound quality is not important.So there’s a whole bunch of cheap smart speakers on the market.In 2019, huawei took the lead in saying “no” to this concept, partnering with Devialet, a global TOP3 professional audio brand, to launch huawei Sound X smart speaker, which has been recognized by many music enthusiasts. One year later, huawei teamed up with Devialet again to launch a second product, the Huawei Sound Smart Speaker.


The Huawei Sound Smart Speaker can almost be seen as a scaled-down version of the Huawei Sound X smart Speaker. They are almost identical in shape, except the size of the Huawei Sound smart speaker is slightly smaller.Similarly, the Huawei Sound smart speaker comes in bright black and white gold color.


The Huawei Sound smart speaker has a touch button area at the top of the body and is designed with volume control, function key and mute key.The touch area also has built-in sensors that wake up the blue backlight when you your hand touch is close.The circular touch area is surrounded by a circle of RGB light bands, the length of which corresponds to the volume level.


The NFC induction area is at the front part of the touch area, first touch by mobile phone with NFC function can trigger with Huawei bluetooth pairing between speakers Sound intelligence, you can just put your phone near the speaker to achieve song transform after matching, which is very convenient. Huawei Sound smart speaker can support LDAC HD transmission and listen to Hi-Res quality high-resolution music over Bluetooth.


The biggest connection difference between the Sound Smart speaker and the Sound X Smart speaker can be seen below the side – a 3.5mm audio input interface.Yes, Huawei Sound Smart speakers can support wired audio access. If you have a high quality music player, you can also connect to Huawei Sound smart speakers via wired access.


The Huawei Sound smart speaker is composed of 1 downward 4-inch woofer and 3 full-frequency horn units, plus 2 push-push symmetric passive units (passive radiators). Although it is smaller than the Huawei Sound X smart speaker, the Sound pressure level can still reach 90dB, which can produce extremely explosive sound. In addition to the hardware design of the Devialet acoustic loudspeaker structure, Huawei Sound smart speaker is more importantly equipped with Devialet professional tuning and its unique audio algorithm.For example, the phase balance management of the frequency division point can make the low frequency signal to the medium high frequency signal smoothly; In the case of different sound loudness and signal content, frequency response balance is automatically adjusted according to the auditory characteristics of human ears, so as to ensure a comfortable and pleasant auditory experience. A series of tuning algorithms of Devialet provide guarantee for Huawei Sound to present a 360-degree high-quality listening experience. The most important thing is that the Huawei Sound smart speaker is also equipped with the newly upgraded Devialet signal processing technology SAM.The upgraded Devialet SAM controls both the woofer and the passive unit’s patented signal processing technology for accurate displacement.By modeling the bass horn and the passive unit, the bass horn and the vibration state of the air in the cavity are controlled, and then the diaphragm displacement of the passive unit is accurately controlled.Simply put, the sound is processed with the new Devialet SAM technology so that the listener feels as if he or she is sitting in front of the singer and performer.


Huawei Sound smart speaker is still a smart speaker, although I prefer its Sound quality performance, but since we are reviewing it, I would like to briefly mention its smart features.A sentence can wake up the Huawei Sound smart speaker and make it serve you, such as the weather report function and alarm function I use every day. If you have Huawei smart home devices, it will also help you control these devices.