Some Apple Stores will stop selling the first-gen Apple Pencil until USB-C adapter stock improves

From what we’ve heard, some Apple Stores in the US have suspended the sale of the first-generation Apple Pencil until stock of the USB-C to Lightning adapter improves, which is needed to charge the new entry-level iPad.

The 10th generation iPad is only compatible with the first generation “Apple Pencil” with a USB-C port. To charge the Pencil with the ‌iPad‌, customers had to use a USB-C to Lightning adapter, which faced a month-long delay sometime last week.


Apple will ship a USB-C to Lightning adapter in the box with the first-generation Apple Pencil, but shipments of those boxes have yet to reach the Apple Store. Stores have been instructed not to sell older first-generation “Apple Pencil” models until new ones arrive.

The move will ensure customers of the new iPad don’t lose their Apple Pencil charging. The new iPads are on sale at Apple Stores this week. According to Apple’s online store, the USB-C to Lightning adapter is expected to ship in one to two weeks.

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