Sony releases three full-frame G lenses of 50mm, 40mm and 24mm

For many professional photographers, the size and image quality of the camera lens are equally important core parameters. Especially for travel photographers and humanities photographers, the practical value of a lightweight and portable lens is higher. The many models of the Sony G series just meet these needs. Today Sony officially released three G series lenses FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G. The three lenses all have high-resolution performance and quiet focusing function. 50mm is suitable for portrait shooting, 40mm is suitable for documentary street shooting, and 24mm is suitable for landscape photography and Vlog shooting. Users can combine three lenses to complete shooting of different subjects.


The three G lenses have the same external dimensions (diameter 68mm x 45mm), filter size (49mm), and similar weight and feel (SEL50F25G: 174g, SEL40F25G: 173g and SEL24F28G: 162g), and all adopt an internal focus design. When used on a stabilizer, interchangeable lenses are also very convenient. At the same time, each lens has an obvious focal length mark, which is convenient for fast switching.

These three new lenses continue the consistent high-quality image performance of the G lens series, while at the same time being very compact and lightweight. The new optical design, combined with aspherical lens and ED (low dispersion) lens, presents high resolution while suppressing dispersion. The addition of aspherical lenses enables the three lenses to ensure high resolution from the center to the edge of the image even when shooting at the maximum aperture and shallow depth of field.

Through the optimized circular aperture design of the three lenses, at the maximum aperture of each lens, it can present the outstanding blurring effect that is the hallmark of the G lens.

All three lenses have been carefully designed to achieve excellent maneuverability with a compact structure and light weight, and are capable of shooting different scenes and themes. Whether it is used with a full-frame or APS-C frame body to shoot portraits, landscapes, and documentary subjects, or mounted on a stabilizer for video shooting, the size and weight of the three lenses are very balanced.