Still remember me?New iPod Touch with iPhone 12 styling will be released this fall

At the moment when the iPhone is very popular, the iPod seems to be a forgotten product.

However, the latest news said that the 2021 iPod Touch is quietly preparing, and product renderings are also exposed.

It can be seen that, similar to the iPhone, iPad and even iMac, Apple has also decided to apply the right-angle edge design language to the iPod.

In terms of appearance, the Face ID and the notch are not seen on the front. Is it a Touch ID on the side or under the screen?


The back is available in black, green, red, blue, and purple. It’s with a single camera + flash design, and a 3.5mm headphone jack reserved. A few days ago, Apple’s Apple Music library has added lossless formats to all tens of millions of music, but Bluetooth cannot be worked with that. This may be the main reason for retaining the headphone jack.

In terms of configuration, it is guessed that the screen is between 5.4 to 6 inches, and the processor may be the A12, or the A14 bionic directly.

The release time is expected to be the same as the iPhone 13, which is the new product launch conference of the season in September.