Still waiting for Huawei P50?

Stop arguing, the most worth buying Huawei phone now is the Mate 30 Pro!

After the Harmony launch conference, many friends privately asked when will the P50 be released? Here is a unified share with you about my personal views, which may be helpful to you.

Yesterday, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s P-series conferences in history were all in the spring. After this year’s delay, there is still no news, and it’s already summer, so those who really want to buy the Huawei P50 need to wait. No one knows how long to wait, and Huawei itself does not know either.

So, if you are not so patient, I suggest you look at other Huawei models. Theoretically speaking, the previous generation of Mate 40 and P40 series are the most suitable, but in my personal experience, this is not the case.

First of all, the price of the Mate 40 series is too high, which is caused by the lack of stock and speculation. Then there is the P40 series. To be honest, the P40 series I experienced, even the P40 Pro+, is not as good as I imagined, and the image is hard to perceive.

The Mate 30 Pro is just after these two choices. The performance is almost the same, and the appearance is recognizable. The main reason is that the slender feel is obviously better than the Mate 40 Pro. The key is that it is not out of stock and the price is quite affordable.

Of course, even if you want to wait for the Huawei P50, it is not impossible. The original mobile phone continues to persist, or the transition to a cheaper phone is also very good.