Teach you how to use Huawei P40 Pro to capture the super moon!

According to news from the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the 20th, one of the major astronomical phenomena in 2021, Super Moon + Blood Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse will be unveiled together on the 26th.


According to astronomers, when the moon, the earth, and the sun are in a straight line in the universe, the shadow of the earth will block the moon and a lunar eclipse will occur.

Coincidentally, this total lunar eclipse is also the largest moon in this year’s full moon. It can be said that the super moon rises with the eclipse.

Generally speaking, lunar eclipses are not uncommon. But when it meets the Super Moon, this round of the enlarged version of the Super Total Lunar Eclipse is relatively rare.

On the 26th, the moon will pass perigee at 9:50 Beijing time and reach its full moon at 19:14 on the same day. This means that the full moon that day will reach its largest in the year, which is about 14% larger than the average apparent diameter of the full moon.

In particular, the moon on that day will also change its color.


When the moon completely enters the earth’s umbra, due to the refraction and scattering of sunlight by the earth’s atmosphere, only a small amount of long-wavelength red-yellow light can penetrate the atmosphere and illuminate the moon, allowing the public to see a round of blood moon during a total eclipse.

It is worth noting that the short distance the moon passed through the shadow of the earth this time led to a shorter total eclipse, which was only 20 minutes from eclipse to light.

Therefore, if you want to appreciate this super celestial phenomenon, you must pay close attention to the local weather and choose a suitable location.

This lunar eclipse can be seen in eastern Asia, Oceania, western North America, western South America, Antarctica and other places. 


But most importantly, if you want to capture the blood moon clearly, you must use the moon mode of the Huawei P40 Pro, and here is how to do it.

 1. Turn on the phone camera.


2. Then turn on the AI mode at the top.


3.  Then enlarge the zoom magnification.


4. Finally, select the moon mode at the top to successfully open it.


5. Adjust the focal length and click to take a photo.