Tell you how to shoot the gorgeous pictures at home-a very useful tip

Photo Tips|Mobile phone and paper cup, let you take a good photo at home!

It’s so simple, you only need a paper cup , a white wall and two mobile phones, you can have a blockbuster at home


▫️Prepare a disposable paper cup, cut off the bottom and hollow out

▫️Take a mobile phone and stick the bottom of the paper cup with tape

▫️Turn on the mobile phone flashlight🔦, hit the light source on the white wall, turn off the indoor light

▫️Using props such as small objects at home, it’s also nice to shoot the outline! Especially profile.

For front shooting, the pixels will be reduced due to the darker indoor light, but some photos have low pixels but have a hazy feel~ It depends on personal needs, if you want a clearer, it is recommended to use the rear shooting 

This kind of photo does not need to modify the skin too much. Simply add a filter and it will feel very good.