The detailed specifications of Huawei Mate50 are suspected to be exposed! It supports 5G?

If nothing else, the Huawei Mate50 series will arrive early next year. However, there seems to be an “accident” now, or more accurately a surprise.


On Weibo, a digital blogger released a picture of the specifications of Huawei’s mysterious new phone. From the picture, we can boldly guess that this machine is the Mate50 series to be released next year. It is worth noting that the machine actually supports 5G, and its device type is displayed as “5G digital mobile phone.” Of course, it is more likely that this is a Mate40 series model that supports 5G and is expected to be released this month.


Yesterday, Mobile China reported that an overseas executive of Huawei revealed that the Shanghai R&D Center is studying 5G chip solutions. He firmly believes that Huawei’s flagship mobile phones will support 5G sooner or later. The signal released here is unusual. It shows that Huawei may already have an eye on the solution to 5G chip solutions.


In fact, it has long been reported that Huawei is running around for the 5G chip solution of the Mate50 series, and may have tried many ways before finally embarking on the road of self-research.

The above specification parameter diagram also shows that the Mate50 series will be equipped with a 6.76-inch OLED screen, equipped with a 4300mAh capacity battery; it has 8 CPU cores, the CPU frequency is 3.13GHz; the memory has four options of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB; equipped with five A camera; running HarmonyOS system.